Video: Google is planning to remove App drawer from Android?

Google is reportedly working on its next Android version which will not only brings upgrades over currently running features but will introduce an entirely new concept. The long-standing Android App drawer is considered to be among the key areas where we will see major changes. And most probably Google will copy Apple’s iOS like homescreen, to replace its conventional app drawer.

The old app drawer has already been customized by other Android phone makers who have a modified flavor of Android running on their devices. But unlike the partners Google has not shown any consideration in this regard until the last Android release. But now Google seems changing the course and the hints of its new plans have already started emerging out.

The fresh hints are taken from a video on Google Maps where we can spot a placeholder phone running on a stock Android build but without app drawer. Android users are keen to know if it is the next Android version, but Google is yet to speak anything official about the video and also its plans to drop the app drawer.

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Google authorities, and those close to the developments about next Android version are silent so far. But some sources have leaked out a few hints which suggest that the app drawer is actually not present on the next Android 7.0 and any such hint which shows a similar picture can be taken seriously.

However, if Google choses to bring a new interface without app drawer it has options available to done it without making it a surprise. Many of the custom Androids versions have the option where users can hide the app drawer or can simply replace it with the same iOS-like home screen. Therefore, Google is also expected to make it an option in the first place where users will be able to turn it off.

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