Video : KeySweeper charger can record what you type with your keyboard

Many times you see the Mobile charger plugged into socket for no reason and you ignore it. But the Mobile Charger we are going to show is not something you should ignore. In-fact this is not a mobile charger but a spy device, KeySweeper, which resembles like a mobile Charger, and has ability to record all the keys you type on the keyboard and send it to the phone of the person who installed it.

Although, this device only attacks wireless keyboards and of certain brands including the Microsoft branded wireless keyboards. Despite Microsoft’s claim that it will only affect its 1.2 GHz keyboards which were release before 2011 but reports suggest it still affects the new models of the Microsoft Wireless keyboards as well.

This device which is named as KeySweeper, has capability to sniff the keystrokes you type and can send them as SMS message to someone who placed this device. Likewise this device can keep the logs saved with it which can be transferred to the other KeySweeper device which is in range of that device or you can extract the logs with the help of USB as well.

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If you plug in the KeySweeper into the wall socket it will take will use the AC power to keep it running whereas when you un-plug it, it still works and only uses the battery power instead of AC while showing as it has been powered off.


Samy who is known for his other hacking devices, like USB necklace which can hack your PC in no time, suggested the cost of the KeySweeper in between $10 to $80 depending on the features you want with the device.

You can find the KeySweeper Software source code and schema diagrams at github. To read more about the KeySweeper hacking device, you can go to to Samy’s blog as well.

You can (and should!) read Samy’s full breakdown of the project over here.

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