Video: LG V10 unboxing and the ultimate scratch test

LG V10 unboxing Video

Soon after the arrival of LG G4 we came to know about LG’s plans for a super premium device. This was nothing but LG’s strongest ever LG V10 that took a long time to emerge in the market. And as it makes its way to its eager users what we get in our hands is a larger and stronger smartphone. The device literally looks smart and strong, to feel it in more details lets have a little time unboxing it.

Carrying some familiar logos the rectangular box is nothing unique from outside. The packaging of LG V10 is expected to be a little different in different regions. Though it is kept clean and elegant but still it is better to avoid it and get inside.

Open it up, there are some user manuals and other casual papers. Keeping them aside, You may want to have a look, but do it when you get the device. Here after removing the pamphlets we find the device lying there. The LG V10 in its first view looks, big, impressive and stylish. The 5.7inch screen is large and with extra protective covering brings a distinct look.

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Taking it up on hands we can feel the solid plastic build on the large size. As boasted by the LG its build is made super strong and stylish to give you a cool feel. There are 2 stainless steel strips that add up its looks with strength. It is a SAE grade 316L stainless steel that is exceptional on the smartphone giving strength of surgical tools and high-end watches.

Picking the device up from the box you will miss its battery, but don’t worry its right there at the lower portion. It is a 3000mAh battery with microUSB cable and charging adopter placed aside. You will also find stylish handsfree packed.

LG V10 is durable and scratch resistant

While introducing the new V10, LG boast much about the durability and strength of the device build. According to LG the V 10 gives you an unrivaled durability that stands again drops of any intensity. And what it claims to have found from the laboratory tests is a military standard certification.

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The same you find on its display that prevent it from any possible scratch due to either rough use or any miscarriage. With a DuraGuard frame the display of the V10 remains protected from the hard bumps. This kind of protection you hardly find on any competing smartphone in the market.

The claims are really high, but how much rough treatment the LG V 10 can bear? Beside the military standard confidence that is put forward by LG there are some crazy guys having their standards much higher. And what could be a rougher test as except making it to stand against a 50-caliber copper jacket.

Whet actually we got is a video that shows a nice exercise with the new LG V10 that really put its strengths on a test. There have been a number of independent tests with the device on its various aspects. But this guy really seems crazy daring its device against a 50-bore is not a game at all.

As we can watch it in the video the man Richard Ryan with its polished Barrett M82A1 rifle, has set up the device on a short distance. As he records the scene with a slow camera, it enables us to view the effect in more details.
The first shot is quite cool that causes the display to get some scratches and you can notice some skin out of cracked glass.  But the second shot is spectacular. Watching in slow motion we can see it ripping apart.

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