Video: Microsoft Continuum in Action

Microsoft seems growing enough with a number of new and unique features that are arriving with its new devices. This time we have another amazing and helpful feature the Continuum to discuss. The feature not just adds some more functions to Windows 10 running phones but can simply change the way they are used. In a short video we have all the powers of Continuum summed up, here we go.

In a few minutes we can judge the level of transformation in features on Windows 10 smartphones using Continuum. First it shows the second screen option which allows you doing multiple tasks in the same time. This is not just running more than one apps at a time but you can also have the parallel screen active while taking your call.

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In another options that we find quite interesting is the Display Dock. This is quite a noteworthy option added regarding office tasks on the Windows phone device. It allows you to turn your Windows smartphone into a real time desktop PC. You can dock a mouse and keyboard and perform tasks with a environment quite matching with Windows 10 PC.

Just think of your Windows 10 smartphone connected to a mouse, key board and a larger screen. Now having the key apps on your phone your device is nothing less than an operating PC. You can open up your office documents and do work on them right on the go. And as you are done just pack up your smartphone and you have everything in your pocket.

Microsoft Lumia 950 comes with continum

The amazing feature you will have on Windows 10 on the Microsoft Lumia 950 and the larger Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. The display dock to assist you using the Continuum comes with support for HDMI and Display Port. There are also three USB 3.0 ports with a dedicated USB Type-C port.

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