Video: OnePlus 2 losing score on AnTuTu benchmark?

It has not been any late that we reported an unexpectedly high score made by OnePlus 2 on the Chinese benchmarking site the AnTuTu. But the high score, beating the key devices in the market, seems temporary as it faces a nose down on the same bench marking site just weeks later. Current score by OnePlus 2 is recorded to be 49,221 against the score of 51,460 recorded after an earlier test.

The disappointing test results are mainly sought as the results of the reports that suggested the OnePlus 2 with the Snapdragon 810. The nose dive was seen soon after reports of the old Snapdragon chipset arriving on the OnePlus 2.

As we have reported the key factor behind the popularity of the OnePlus 2 before its arrival was the upgrade over the Chipset. The older version of the Snapdragon chipset that was built in to the OnePlus One was experienced with an exceptional overheating issue. And the OnePlus 2 was expected to be the ultimate fix to the issue for the users of OnePlus devices.

The testing on the AnTuTu that produced the disappointing results for the OnePlus 2 is recorded on a video to elaborate the drop in the score. The score of the device that is yet to arrive in the market brought some other speculations. As the video shows another test on the AnTuTu shows another high score which is at 63,700 but it don’t seems the finish results anyway. Those who are already prepared to purchase the OnePlus 2 raising various questions over the test results.

As the chipset is seems to affect the results of the test other specs seems doing well. The 5.5 inches display with a resolution of 1080×1920 is not bad but there is another lead that suggests a higher 1440×2560 pixel. Internal storage and RAM are also expected high and satisfying in the test. While the device is due to arrive in coming hours you will hopefully get the nice scoring device.

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