Video : PlaxyStation4 and Xbox Combined as ‘PlayBox’

There is no end to the innovation. And innovation comes behind the passion. The video you are going to watch is a result of passion shown by Ed Zarick, the renowned PS and XBox console Modder. Zarick has designed something unique this time by merging Xbox and PlayStation in one box say it PlayBox! It is designed like a laptop and provides you best of the both Xbox and PS in one place.

Zarick designed a nice gaming laptop earlier by merging PlayStation 4 and Xbox One components into it. And this time it seems to us, he has upgraded his innovation to next level. Earlier Zarick designed an Xbook Duo as well which had both Xbox One and Xbox 360 and his latest innovation is also of the same size i.e. with 22 inch display.

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There is the possibility that conventional Xbox and PlayStation fans don’t get any attraction in the PlayBox but the ‘real gamers’ will definitely like it and love it. It comes with a 22 inch display but a HDMI port is also available to connect to larger display screens as well. Similarly you will not find it state of the art when speaking of design but remember real gamers do not go for design but functionality and this PlayBox offers that.

This system took a lot of attempts and re configuring to make everything fit and still some things had to be compromised to make the system work, for example it was impossible to get the USB ports on the XBOX to be extended to the outside of the case.

This is certainly brilliant piece of work and certainly it costs more because of customization and efforts. As Zarick himself has mentioned in his blog that it will not be available for sale because of its high cost and complexity and he made it for a customer. You can contact him at edsjunk[@] if you are interested to buy it.

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