Video: Apple testing holographic screens for iPhone in secret labs

Recently we got reports about Apple working on new display tech to bring innovation on its upcoming devices. The reports revealed Apple’s project underway in secret Taiwan based lab to produce micro-LED screens. The devices with micro-LED screen will not only bring improved display results with high resolution but will also cuts down devices’ weight and thickness. This is going to happen as the new tech doesn’t require back-lighting.

Following the same reports now we have another exciting story revealing some more details regarding Apple’s moves in display industry. The current reports suggest activities by Apple going on to bring a holographic display to its upcoming iPhone. And also you will not need special glasses to watch the new holographic display. Though there is a different angel provided in the current reports but both seem to have emerged after the same development.

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According to the details the holographic screen is also based on the same micro-LED display tech which was revealed in previous reports. Thus new reports seems reinforcing the earlier ones strengthening chances for the arrival of new display tech. Apple is reportedly working to make the display of the micro-LED tech visible to naked eye after employing specialized hardware and software in its upcoming devices.

Apple Secret Labs

Though the technology seems quite advanced but it is not beyond reality. It has been quite long that the micro-LED tech has been discussed among tech circles. Even there has also been video demonstration in 2014 showing the basic concept behind the holographic screen. As it has been the case with most of the advanced technologies, Apple is less likely to reveal anything officially. However in upcoming iPhone we can expect some new tech to arrive. Also with the introduction of new display tech the prices of upcoming iPhone are also expected to rise high.

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