Video : Sony reveals PlayStation 4 Limited Edition to celebrate birthday

Sony has revealed PlayStation 4 Limited Edition today to celebrate birthday of PlayStation.

Sony has revealed a limited edition of PlayStation 4 on its 20th birthday today. On December 3, 1994 Sony launched its first ever PlayStation which revolutionized the gaming industry all over the world. To celebrate its 20th birthday, Sony launched the limited edition of PlayStation 4, which looks like a copy of ‘original PlayStation’ launched 20 years ago but certainly it has modern touch of PS 4 as well.


The new PS 4 edition will be a limited version with the “Original Grey” signature of first PlayStation but it will have all the features of PlayStation 4. All the peripherals of this limited edition like remote, cables and connectors resemble the same look of the very first PlayStation.


The new limited edition PS4 will be available for US$418 which equals 499 euro and almost 50,000 yen. The prices seem fine considering it be a limited edition gaming console. Sony will produce only 12,000 machines to celebrate its 20th Anniversary.

Sony will reveal this new edition of PlayStation 4 on December 6, at PlayStation Experience Keynote. Before the date it will little earlier to expect when and how this limited edition console will be sold.

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