This Video shows the new TouchWiz UI for Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has traditionally added some minor UI update and tweaks to the Galaxy Note devices every year. However, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to see more substantial UI changes. Speculation suggests that Samsung is planning to replace the current version of TouchWiz with a new updated version of its user interface. The new TouchWiz user interface is expected to debut on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

A video showing off the new version of the TouchWiz UI was recently posted by HDBlog.i. The video in Italian but, you don’t need to understand what the narrator is saying to see the beauty of the new TouchWiz UI.

TouchWiz UI

The upcoming version is called the Grace UI. The new version of the user interface is a lot cleaner than the recent versions. The colors in the previous user interface versions were too vibrant. If you notice closely you will see that the colors are more subdued in this new version. The Grace UI features a cleaner black and white look and blue accents all over. Folders now open to a full-screen interface and the background is blurred out. A lot of user interfaces these days are getting rid of the app drawer, but thankfully it is still present in the Grace UI.

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The video shows how to place the widgets on the screen,  how to select a different wallpaper, and how to choose a theme from multiple available themes. Many core apps are shown with various changes. The XDA developers have posted the APKs of the Grace UX in the source link. To install this APKs you will need to root your device.

Samsung’s TouchWiz UI has been criticized for years. Initially, the icons were too cartoonish and then complains about the saturated colors used on the UI arose. Many users were hoping that Samsung will opt for a much lighter and subdued look this time, and by the looks of it, a lot of the complaints have been addressed. Users of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge can rejoice knowing that the new UI might be made available to those two models in a future update.

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