Videos: Galaxy Note 4 Vs Google Nexus 6 Durability drop Tests

Watch these exclusive videos on Galaxy note 4 vs Google nexus 6 durability drop tests.

While the Big screen smartphones or phablets or taking the top place in the smartphone markets over traditional phones and tablets, the question of their durability is being asked again and again. Apple the biggest criticizer of the bigger screen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and fell into bendgate and then hairgate raising the questions on the durability of the bigger screen smart phones.

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While these ‘Fill in the Blank’ Gates are not going to end. People and tech guys have started testing the durability and performance of the phones themselves to share with others. TechRax has recently released its durability drop test video on Google Nexus 6 at its Youtube channel.

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The chances of dropping your phone is always very high in this busy world and TechRax has tested the New Motorola-Google Nexus 6 by dropping it from different angles. You can see the details in the video but we noticed in some cases you will not be able to carry your Nexus 6 if dropped by mistake despite it will be in working conditions.

Earlier TechRax released video on the durability of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well. Samsung has given more emphasis on the quality of its product and it is promoting Galaxy Note 4 as one of its finest products these days. The drop test results were although not much different for both Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Google Nexus 6 but we will leave the final decision on you to decide which product is more durable and strong.

These tests are about the hardware and despite both the flagships run on Android, Google Nexus 6 comes with latest Android 5.0 Lollipop giving it an edge over Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which runs on Android Kitkat.

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