Virtual Reality coming to iOS within 2 years

Apple’s growing interest in the Virtual Reality market was recently reported and now a fresh report suggests some interesting VR related developments to expect it on the iOS with-in the next two years. According to the reports Apple has planned to put iOS at the center of several developments in the VR world that will launch within next years. Considering Apple’s recent purchases and hiring it is expected to launch its VR centered iOS sometime in 2018.

view master VR Apple

Apple was also reported to have hired 141 employees who have a background in Augmented Reality who are believed to be working on Apple VR related projects. Though the hiring of specialists shows Apple’s determination about the VR projects but its employee count is much smaller than the Microsoft and Google. According to details Microsoft have 425 employees with VR background while their number for Google is about 267.

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Apple’s strategic acquisition of 3D body sensing firm the PrimeSense is also being considered as a part of the recent developments. Taking into to the account all these happening, Virtual Reality is being foreseen as Apple next area of expertise. And like the Apple Watch, the VR is reportedly being considered by Apple as an iPhone peripheral.

However, the reports are mostly focused on developments in software area while any specific hardware release is quite unlikely.  With its advancements in software Apple is expected to provide the third party hardware solutions with an official software framework by 2018.

Apple patents video googles for VR

In an earlier report by Financial Times it was claimed that Apple has teamed up with the experts for its VR projects. As suggested in the reports, Apple has gathered VR experts from across the market including some noted figures from Microsoft and VR company Lytro. With growing scope of the VR technology Apple’s interest seems increasing too. With these certain reports Apple is expected to make a significant contribution in furthering the growing technology.

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