Watch OS 2.0 to bring iOS Activation Lock feature in Apple Watch

Apple Watch is expected to receive Watch OS 2.0 update with many new features including the Activation lock feature of iPhone to avoid theft. The update is due in this fall which is anticipated to include features to reshape the Apple Watch and extend its possibilities beyond the limits. The Activation lock feature will enhance the productivity of your Apple Watch to the same extent as the Apple iPhone are.

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The Watch OS 2.0 was top listed in the key note speech on the opening day of Apple’s hyped WWDC 2015 event. However, the details related to the Activation Lock features on the Watch OS 2.0 were not mentioned in the key note speech. But an updated preview for the developers out on the website of the company confirmed the feature.

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Apple has made available the developers preview for the Watch OS 2.0 updates officially and it indicates toward the features with the banner saying protect your Apple Watch with the Activation Lock. The Activation Lock feature is added in the Watch OS 2.0 after its successful performance in the iOS.

The Activation Lock feature brings a comprehensive and reliable security to your Apple Watch. As it works on the iPhone, you need your iCloud login details to activate your Apple Watch. The login to your iCloud will make your information safe which you can retrieve if you don’t have access to your watch either it is lost or stolen.

Protect your Apple Watch with Activation Lock in WatchOS 2.0

Looking couple of year back, we come to know the Activation lock feature first in the iOS 7. The feature was introduced for the iPhone after the heated debate regarding the safety of information on the smartphones. The Activation lock was the ultimate response by Apple in this regard. The same security concerns have also been attached to the costly Apple Watch therefore now we have the same level of safety on the Apple Watch as we are having on the iPhone.

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Apple Watch OS 2.0 will also bring the native apps to the Apple Watch making it more independent of the iPhone.

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