Watch Surface 3 Promotional Videos by Microsoft

Microsoft is focusing on one solution for all devices i.e. ”the full Windows experience” and that is why it is promoting all its devices with same slogan. It has recently released 5 new videos focusing the Microsoft Surface 3 which became a successful enterprise device at least. And now Microsoft is focusing to bring its tablet as a popular choice for consumers as well.

Microsoft Surface 3 is available for $499 at Microsoft Online Store and features some good specs. With a 12 inch display and 2160 x1440 screen resolution of 3:2 aspect ratio, the Surface Pro is very light in weight and is around 800g, it is because the Surface Pro 3 body is made with Magnesium. There is Core I processor by Intel in the latest Microsoft slate and you can get your hands on Core i3, i5 and i7 processor with 4GB or 8GB RAM. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is generous in storage as well and comes with 64GB to 512 GB internal storage which is expandable with micro-SD card. With two 5 MP cameras you can capture a video of 1080p.

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The five promotional videos of the Microsoft Surface 3 focusing on different features of it. Like the first one focuses on Surface Pen and explains how you can make a live hand-writing experience with the Pen. You can write with it and draw the figures you want and highlight the text in documents as required.

Second Video focuses on the Kickstand of Surface 3. It comes with 3-position kickstand letting you enjoy your favorite angel when using the Surface 3 for different purposes like playing games, watching movies or completing different tasks.

Similarly other three videos focus on some other cool features of the Surface 3 like it is lightweight. Microsoft wants us to use the Surface 3 not as a tablet but a real and complete alternate to laptops with tools like Office 365 installed over it.

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