What users are doing with their Apple Watches: Survey

Apple Watch users are found using their watches in a common way a normal watch is used. Most of the users interact with the Watch about 60 to 80 times a day which is mostly for some basic functions. But besides checking time what key things users do on the Apple Watch and what they want changed, this is what we are told about in two separate studies.

The survey about the Apple Watch users is conducted by the Wristly and Stockholm University employing different approaches. First the survey conducted at Wristly studies the data from a large number of Apple Watch users. The usage patterns from about 1450 users were recorded to get things in common.

What do you do with your apple watch

While the second study by the Stockholm University has employed a different approach. Here using the cameras on their Apple Watches, the interactions of about a dozen users were recorded. Thus it looks in for what actually users did with their Apple Watches instead of asking them about their activities or likes and dislike on the Apple Watch.

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Looking into the conclusions from the Wristly study, the most common things the users were found doing is just watching the face. While other popular activities that engage users the most included checking Activity log and hear rate, texting and using Siri for different tasks. Users were found least commonly using their Watch as remote and playing games.

Apple Watch usage by functionality

The second study, at the first place, reinforces the finding of Wristly. The users here were also found using their Watches in a similar way. The results of the Stockholm study shows users having just a glance on the watch face as the most common activity. About 23% of the usage accounts for checking notifications while 11% usage for checking activities. The Siri is found at fourth spot just accounting for 2% of interactions. At the end, the email was found being used the least.

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