WhatsApp is available on Desktop now!

WhatsApp, the fast growing social network with 600 million users around the world, has launched its desktop version now. Although WhatsApp fans had to wait long for this feature to come on board and we previously reported about it that WhatsApp is working on the web version but now WhatsApp has officially announced that you can start chatting on your desktop through your browser.

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For now, WhatsApp desktop (Web) version is only available for chrome and you will ve to scan QR code on the web after which you can start chatting on the desktop while your phone resting on the corner.


This web App of WhatsApp is still in its initial stages and there are limitations with it still. Like you can only use it on Chrome i.e. No iOS user can use it for now. Similarly because WhatsApp uses your phone number to connect and then you chat when you are connected to internet, so it will be necessary that your phone remains connected to internet to use web App on desktop. Once the internet goes off on your phone, it seems WhatsApp web app will be disconnected as well.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum said it is because of the Apple’s platform limitations, WhatsApp web app will not work for iOS users and on Safari browser.

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