WhatsApp brings Voice Call Feature through Invitation[Updated with Download link]

WhatsApp is continuously improving its services by introducing new features very quickly and now it has started introducing Voice Calling feature to its messaging App which was a long awaited feature. Although WhatsApp has not officially revealed yet anything about this but on famous social networking site Reddit, a post has been added which suggests WhatsApp has started rolling out its Voice calling feature now. WhatsApp recently introduced its Desktop Version as well.

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It seems this is not a rumor and neither a fake app is being presented because we have the video proof of it as well. But for now you can get the calling feature through Invite system, i.e. If someone who has already the calling feature calls you you will also be able to use the calling feature provided you are using a the new build (2.11.508).

The Video above shows some basic calling features of WhatsApp and gives little idea of ‘Invitation System’.

Further the user who called, claims this works for all the Android users irrespective of what Android version are they using. The App shown in video shows three tabs now one for Call, other for Chat and the last for Contacts. The call feature has some other important features like muting the call and sending an instant message when you are busy on a call.

You can download the new build for Android here but on your own responsibility as we have not tested it yet. Although it has been downloaded 44,000 times untill now which suggests it is a good build.

Unfortunately most of us to wait for this feature a little long as this build is not yet on Google Play and it looks like someone from ‘inside’ brought the build to the outer world.

For many WhatsApp users it will be an exciting news especially for those who have to use other apps like Viber for calling purpose.

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