WhatsApp Plus app for iOS – Widget to fast chat with friends

WhatsApp, is not known for its speedy updates. But now new widget “Shortcut for WhatsApp Plus Widget to fast chat with friends” has been created by independent developers to give you an option to chat with your friends without opening WhatsApp at all.

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The idea of developres is to give WhatsApp fans a quick and easy way to launch conversations. With this widget WhatsApp users now don’t have to first open the app and then find the person they want to chat with. This is the kind of Notification Center which really will be a first party thing. At this time we can only predict that WhatsApp will bring this similar functions to its table sooner or later.

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Using WhatsApp Plus is very simple, WhatsApp users just have to open the Notification Center, choose a friend they want to chat with and they are all done, as simple as that.


The best part of this app made for iOS is its availability for free to download. We suggest you to download it as soon as possible because in the present App Store environment you just never know whether it will be there tomorrow or not. Just add a new WhatsApp widget to your notification center and start chatting as fast like never before.


People who spend a lot of time using WhatsApp will surely want to install this widget very quickly specially if they switch their conversion very quickly while using WhatsApp.

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