WhatSim Allows free chat on WhatsApp even without Wi-Fi

WhatSim card allows you to chat with your WhatsApp friends for free without Wi-Fi and for unlimited time (actually One year) in some 150 countries irrespective of any cellular network i.e. 400 networks worldwide. And for what cost? This WhatSim card is available for GBP 10 or US $10 only. Read here on how to chat with WhatsApp on Desktop.

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The above statement seems false to many but a new startup has just released it special SIM card naming it WhatSim which lets you chat with your WhatsApp friends anywhere in the world for free and without required Wi-Fi at all. There is no monthly fee or any other charges.


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The WhatSim is launched by ZeroMobile, which is first Global Mobile Operator for low cost roaming located in Italy. Lead by Zanella, the CEO of ZeroMobile, their team also release the first smartwatch back in 2011.

WhatsApp has become the largest social network with millions of users using it for chatting. WhatsApp recently released its Desktop version as well and is planning for adding A Call feature in its messaging App as well.


We did not get any thoughts from WhatsApp on the WhatSim card release but for $15 (onetime fee) it gives you option to chat with your friends on WhatsApp all over the world, which is quite cheap. Here is the list of the countries where the WhatSim will work.

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