How will Nokia 3310 and Sony Ericsson T28s look like if they were smartphones

Nokia and Sony both were ‘once’ leading companies in the mobile phones industry, it is only once the ‘era’ of smartphones began, both companies went behind the scenes and Apple and Samsung started leading the smartphones market. Although Sony with its Xperia phones and Nokia with its Lumia devices trying real hard to remain in the competition but still they both are way behind. Especially for Nokia, situation is so bad that first Microsoft acquired Nokia mobile business and later Microsoft announced to use its own brand name on the Lumia phones.

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No matter what are the circumstances, there is still ‘love in the air’ for Nokia and Sony and many people want the top notch phones from both the companies. Same excitement we saw when Nokia launched its Android Lollipop 5.0 running tablet, the Nokia N1, which went out of stock in no time in China soon after the launch. Similarly there are so many rumors about the upcoming flagship device of Sony i.e. the Sony Xperia Z4 and we just got news about the launch of Sony Xperia E4 by Sony.

3D designer Martin Hajek has expressed his ‘love’ for the legendary phones of its time the Nokia 3310 and Sony Ericsson T28s by rendering their images as the smartphones. The theme of the below images is very cool i.e. How will the smartphone versions of Nokia 3310 and Sony Ericsson T28s will look like?

Martin rendered the Nokia 3310 like the Lumia phones of today running Windows Phone on it whereas Sony Ericsson is rendered as an Android phone like most of the Xperia phones have. Martin has focused more on Nokia 3310 which also highlights his own interest but the important thing in this regards is the demand for the real solid smartphones in today’s world with long battery and ruggedness.

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Enjoy the renders and do tell us about your thoughts in the comments section.













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