Windows 10 Mobile brings new features

Windows Phone 8.1 users missed many demanding features on their devices as compared to the Android and iOS, now included in the Windows 10 Mobile. With the arrival of Windows 10 Mobile the users are hopeful to not only fill these gaps but also to witness some new features. Right now we have some of such features which are going to be included in the Windows 10 Mobile for the first time.

One of the key features missed in the Windows phone was the inability to open app right from the app store after their installation. The feature is there now in the Windows 10 Mobile’s 10166 build with all the similar effects of the Google play. The Windows phone users not any more needs to visit the app shortcuts after installing each and every app.

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[quote align=”right” color=”#000000″]One of the key features missed in the Windows Phone 8.1 was the inability to open app right from the app store after their installation.[/quote]There are other similar features that bring the Windows Phone platform at the same highs in terms of functions where the Android OS and the Apple iOS stand. Another change brought in the Windows store is the display of more details especially about the in app purchases.

Many users have reported that they have been missing many common things and some essential details on the windows app in the store. This point seems to be addressed now as Windows app now shows the in app purchases therefore with every premium app you can find the in app purchases right there. You will also not miss the prices of the in app purchases which are posted right next to the articles.

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These are good but yet early developments therefore we can expect much more when the Windows 10 Mobile is finally in the hands of the users. Windows Phones may catch up with the Googles Android OS and the Apple iOS but its users don’t need just a filling the gapes but they really wants something new and unique feature of Windows Phone’s own included.

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