Windows 10 Mobile Build 10158 emulator, watch video preview

Microsoft Windows 10 is almost ready to release and following recent reports Mobile Build of Windows 10 has been released but not for all users. The Mobile Build 10158 is yet released for those users using the Mobile emulator therefore those registered at insider program of Microsoft needs to wait a little more. The release can by acquired thru Mobile emulator after download directly from Microsoft’s official website.

As we reported about the features of the Microsoft Windows 10, you will get all the updated features on the Mobile build 10158. Among its many features you can enjoy transparent live tiles which changes the way live tiles, the prominent features added into windows 8, appear on your windows.

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On the emulator you can experience the effects of live tiles especially contacts into circle give an impressive feel. The camera app is also updated on the emulator where you can get camera results with up to 120fps while recording videos. After updates the camera results give you super smooth video results which you can especially observe in slow motion. You will love the camera of your windows phone after getting the updates.

You can find some more features on the emulator at the windows phone store alongside in-app purchases from Premium apps. The details on the store tell you the in-app purchases with premium apps with their cost and other options.

Another key update which has been shortlisted was about Cortana. The virtual voice assistant app of Microsoft was recently updated to compete with voice assistant apps by others key players in the market. On the Windows 10 you will receive some more precise changes on the Cortana. It will now give you a cleaner and comprehensive interface with more quick responses.

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Microsoft has scheduled the Windows 10 Mobile for release in September till then you can check it out with Windows 10 emulator.

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