Windows 10 Mobile’s will support face tracking feature with front camera

Microsoft’s upcoming OS for mobiles, the Windows 10 mobile 5.38.2004, possess a feature in its front camera which is called as Face Tracking Feature which works effectively in capturing images in any condition static or motion, no matters. It tracks the image of the subject and gives a good results of the picture.

Since the announcement of launch of the latest OS of Microsoft, the Windows 10, people are expecting lot of new and interesting features, but the news of Windows 10 Mobile doubled the happiness of the Windows Phone users along with the many new apps in Windows Phones Stores.

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There are also reports about the Technical Preview build of Windows 10 Mobile which will be used for the addition of company’s app which let the users to record the phone calls of both sides.

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Windows 10 will be launched on July 29, 2015, but the Windows 10 Mobile will not be launched that day, there are expectations that the Windows 10 Mobile will be launched in September 2015. According to speculation of the company that there are many new features in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

According to the representatives of the company, Windows 10 and its mobile version is company’s best software which is manufactured along with lots of experiences of past, with those experiences the latest Windows of Microsoft will be proved to be the best Windows like Windows 7. You can reserve your free copy of Windows 10 as well.

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The most important feature of the Windows 10 is that it can be installed in more than one device, as it can be installed in laptops computers, desktop computers and tablets, but its mobile version, Windows 10 Mobile brightened its release and increased its demand which can be judged by the number of subscribers.

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