Windows 10 rumors to have new browser

Microsoft is building a speedy and simpler browser which will maintain use of Internet Explorer’s rendering engine. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, a long time Microsoft observer revealed that Microsoft is building a browser codenamed Spartan. According to Foley “Spartan” is a light weight browser and it is not Internet Explorer. She said that Microsoft might give it free inside of the Windows 10 release schedule.

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Microsoft Student Thomas Nigro said that Internet Explorer is a respected browser of Microsoft’s but often despised it may be on its way out. He also revealed on his twitter account that Windows 10 would feature a new browser which would not carry the Internet Explorer name.

Internet Explorer has not a good reputation among developers and users. The old Internet Explorer has a rude past, growing from zero market share, to market dominating heights. It has faced slow decline in the face of Firefox and even more fast decline in the face of Chrome. And it got some re-acceleration by the new, standards-based approach.

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According to foley, the new browser Spartan will look and feel more like Chrome and Firefox, although it will support extensions. The Spartan will be accessible on both desktop and mobile devices in Windows 10.

The recent move by Microsoft is open to analysis, you can interpret yourself whether this move is enough to pick up Internet Explorer’s imperfect brand. The software gaint, Microsoft would definitely want its browser to gain market share, especially with the new Windows 10 platform that it hopes to deploy from smartphones all the way to televisions.

Spartan is expected to make its formal debut in January 2015 in the company’s hometown of Redmond, Washington. The Microsoft is due to reveal many of the new features in Windows 10 at that occasion. It means that period is going to be crucial for Microsoft If it fails to impress, this would directly damage the momentum which was built by its new operating system.

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