Windows 8.1 supports MKV file format natively now

If you are unable to play Matroska Multimedia Container (MKV) file format and cannot wait for Windows 10 to play your Multimedia Container (MKV) file format, Don’t worry now because Microsoft has resolved your problems.

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Windows 8.1 will now natively support the Matroska Multimedia Container (MKV) file format with the built-in video app. An update for Xbox Video on Windows 8.1 rolled out on Tuesday night that brings support for the Matroska Multimedia Container (MKV) file format.

Microsoft first started supporting the MKV file format natively on the company’s Xbox One console earlier this year. Back in October, we saw a Windows 10 Preview build pick up MKV support, along with the Xbox One shortly before that. But it looks like users won’t be waiting for Windows 10 to get native support for MKV files in Windows and now the company is bringing those changes to Windows 8.1. It is the latest example of what seems to be a relatively recent embrace of the format by Microsoft.

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While it is likely most content providers will continue to provide streaming video instead of DRM-free download options, native MKV support in Windows 8.1 adds another option to share video or audio files without having to download third-party players like VLC.

Windows 8.1-will-play-MKV-file

Microsoft’s MKV implementation in Windows 8.1 is still limited by the operating system’s codec and subtitle support, but the company may choose to improve both of these drawbacks in Windows 10.

The open standard container format has long been used to provide pirated copies of movies and TV shows through BitTorrent or other file sharing sites, but Microsoft’s move to provide native support lends the file format some much-needed legitimacy.

The company’s Xbox software will strengthen its ties with the wider Windows platform through Windows 10, but this mix of the two flagship operating systems has been in progress for years now. It was only a few months ago that Xbox One began supporting MKV files, and as of today, Windows 8.1 would be done likewise. And a good news for the users who wants Windows 8.1 updated Video app, featuring MKV support, updated Windows 8.1 is now available to download.

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