Woman throws away Apple I computer worth $200,000

A recycling company Clean Bay Area is looking for a lucky old woman to deliver her a check of $100,000. The lucky woman got this lottery by mistakenly selling out a rear Apple I Computer in a bulk of scraped and waste equipment. Until last details the luck has been waiting for the woman as the Clean Bay holds no contact of her. The woman left no identification behind other then the box of junk with a Apple I Computer.

According to the details by the Clean Bay the woman brought the junk at their out let which according to the woman belonged to her late husband. The woman has collected all leftover from their garage after days of her husband’s death. She brought the box of junk at Clean Bay sold it out and left without taking any receipt and leaving any detail of her behind.

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However the junk was left over by a day by the recycling company and on the second day during an inspection of the box they finally got surprised. Company reported that initially no one was ready to believe what they have found from a thrown away box of junk. But later going through it and examining from all points they came to announce the good news for the recycling company itself and for the lucky woman.

The Apple I Computer was made by Steve Wozniak and was sold out at $666.66 in 1970s when Apple was in its initial days. Apple manufactured the Apple I Computer in a very limited quantity as there were only 200 pieces around.

The company has collected $200,000 by selling out the piece to a private customer. Now it has decided to find the woman and handed her the $100,000 check as according to the company’s policy half of the sale goes to the donor. Company’s VP Victor Gichun says that the Clean Bay don’t have any clue to her but he can recognize the face of woman and will identify her without any doubt if found her.

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