Workflow, the magical autmation App for iOS

Make your own Apps for your iPhone yourself with Workflow and perform tasks on single touch

If you are a smartphone user and want maximum possible use of your smartphone then you truly need a magical tool which can bring the entire functionality in a single tap. There are several apps and tools which can do this for you. However if you are an Apple lover then there is a single app, the Workflow, which can prove magical for you. Workflow can open up infinite possibilities of what you can do on your iPhone and iPad.

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The Workflow is designed to allow you bring together various tasks and combined them into one action that can save much of your time. By using this feature you can turn various actions in to single app on your home screen or you can also bring them in your quick access.

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The best thing you can find about the Workflow is its flexibility. It supports more than 150 actions. In short you can bring together in a sequence anything you normally do on your iPhone. You can also carry out these actions with just a single touch.

It works as a powerful personal automation tool for you. For instance, using the Workflow you can drag and drop a combination of actions into a single action. These include action on Calendars, Contacts, Maps, Camera, Safari, Facebook, Twitter, iCloud and many others. With the help of workflow you can create GIF animations, post a Tweet, Send messages and Make PDFs from any app.

Although it is an amazing app to use but those users who have never used the automation apps might find it a bit complicated. You can launch your Workflow from either Workflow app or from the other apps through Workflow’s Action Extension. After creating your Workflow action it simply works from your home screen as a standalone app.

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The complication in using the app can be removed easily. If you try the workflow app to create a GIF using your three photos you will surely get a sense that how easy it is to use the Workflow. It will then give you a simple guidelines to create a button that can do this task for you. It is the easiest task you can do yet there are endless possibilities to experience. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.