Xiaomi Mi 5 expected at $320

While launching its last Mi device Xiaomi surprised its customers with exceptional prices. The 16 GB Xiaomi Mi 4 was launched for just $320 while 64GB was for $400. This time it has prepared for the new Xiaomi Mi5 with additional powers. But once again, its users are set for a surprise. The new Mi 5 with all its upgrades is going to arrive on same old prices.

According to reports about upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 it will arrive as a refreshed Mi 4. As we have seen in Xiaomi device they a geed degree of adaptation to new technology. Thus, on the Xiaomi Mi 5 upgrades and new features expected internally and externally.

Yet we have to wait for any official announcement but meanwhile analyzing report we find out much about the new Mi. The report of low prices has given birth to some speculations pointed towards its internal specs. The chipset on the Xiaomi Mi 5 is sought to be Snapdragon 820. Some other reports suggest Helio X20 chipset.

Depending on the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 5 it could be the cheapest device carrying any of mentioned chipsets. Another details including internal storage and RAM are also expected as per last year’s device. We have the prime price of $320 but it with lowest storage level the device may arrive for lesser prices.

According to our reports the Xiaomi Mi 5 will get launched with 4GB RAM. This is what we mentioned above, something you may not expected with the given price tag. In addition the camera is expected at same level. It is a 16megapixel rear camera with a standard 5megapixel or higher front one. Other famous smartphone features we can expect on the Xiaomi Mi 5 include finger print scanner. With all these and some hidden point, the Mi 5 seems worth waiting for.

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