Xiaomi Mi 5 expected in February, CEO calls it amazing

While announcing the much awaited Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 during company’s event on November 24, CEO Lei Jun didn’t forget mentioning the Xiaomi Mi 5. Beside a Note and Mi Pad unveiled on the event it has been over a year that Xiaomi showed off a flagship. The last one was the Xiaomi Mi 4 and now all eyes are set on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 which was expected on the November 24 event but was not unveiled.

As described by the CEO Lei Jun, Xiaomi follows its own schedule to bring its flagships into the market. The schedule was made a little different from most of the key venders in the smartphones market. Thus unlike the most, Xiaomi sets the gap of about one and half year period to develop a flagship. Thus following the schedule we can expect the next flagship device to land within next two to three months.

But to arouse enthusiasm in the expecting users of the Xiaomi Mi 5 the Xiaomi CEO has called the device simply amazing. Lei Jun said that while he uses the Mi 5 as his daily driver. The experience is great which shows the expectations of the company itself with the upcoming flagship. Thou the hints are clear enough but Lei Jun was not announcing the launch dates yet.

Meanwhile, analysts see the Xiaomi set to get the Mi 5 flagship out in the market after the Spring Festival. The festival is scheduled for February which also echoes with the release schedule hinted out by company’s CEO on the event. The demand for the Xiaomi Mi 5 is also expected to be too high and thus company may bring it out with a large shipment. The alleged specs show the device will be a powerful addition into the family. However the official details are yet too little and we expect some more details sooner in this regards.

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