Xiaomi Mi 5 is finally released with powerful specs and low prices

After making the smartphone market waiting for almost two years Xiaomi finally made its upcoming flagship the Xiaomi Mi 5 official at MWC 2016. The highly-anticipated Xiaomi Mi 5 comes to be the official successor of the Mi 4 which has been reported to bring high powers to show the utmost potentials of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker has growing big in popularity over the years while making its fans eagerly waiting for an upcoming flagship. Making the Xiaomi Mi 5 another big unwrapping at the MWC 2016 in Barcelona Xiaomi displays it as its most powerful device.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Following the launch of Mi 4 Xiaomi kept its portfolio refreshed with consecutive launches of Mi 4i and Mi 4c but it also kept delaying the launch of its flagship successor. However, Xiaomi continued updating its fans with regular hints about the upcoming flagship.

Xiaomi announced the Mi 5 in three different versions including Standard, High and Exclusive. All three Xiaomi Mi 5 variants featuring the same design concept with some key differences in build material and specs under the hood.

Over the common design language all three Xiaomi Mi 5 models feature the same 5.15-inch display with 1080 pixel resolution. Another key thing in common is the Snapdragon 820 chipset which comes with different clocking on all three models. While Xiaomi has kept some key differences to distinguish the Mi 5 variants but among all three you will not find anything short in core features.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Among the trio the Xiaomi Mi 5 Exclusive was earlier listed on the AnTuTu benchmarking where it attained 140,000 points which is interesting. With other powerful features Xiaomi Mi 5 also include fingerprint scanner. The prices of Xiaomi Mi 5 Standard, High and Exclusive variants are listed for China which stands equivalent to around $306, $352 and $413 respectively. The prices show the Xiaomi Mi 5 as the most affordable Snapdragon 820 powered handset.

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