Xiaomi Mi band 1S brings heart rate monitoring feature for just $16

Xiaomi is firm to bring useful features of smart devices to users on lower prices. This time it brings an offer for smartwear enthusiasts. The company has just announced its Mi Band 1S, the updated version of its fitness tracker. And to make it special, Xiaomi adds heart rate monitor without making it pricey.

The Mi band 1S comes to be an upgrade over company’s Mi Band fitness tracker. Thus you may find many things added up as compared to the last model. To track your heart rate Xiaomi has added photoelectric light perception module in the Mi Band 1S. The module tracks your heart rate continuously.

The new additions on the fitness band are good in looks and feels. Though the Mi Band 1S is updated with new features, it is almost same in weight, just half a gram heavier than the predecessor. The Mi Band Pulse measures 13.5g in weight and stands with the same size.

Mi Band Pulse battery lives for 30 days once charged completely

The Mi Band 1S gives you some additional features alongside tracking distance and calories during your fitness activities. With the new Mi band 1S you can unlock your device and do many other tasks. The Band runs for over 30 days after battery is completely charged once.

And for Xiaomi its Mi Band 1S stands to be third most popular in the world. And the most attractive area is its price tag. The Band comes for just $16 which makes it cheaper among the key fitness trackers. Compare it with Fitbit Charge HR that was sold at $140 and Jawbone UP3 at $180.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is ready for markets with its first appearance in the home market. But Xiaomi vows to make it available to other markets sooner. The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S features looks convincing in first glimpse but a detailed review will only be possible after using it.

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