Xiaomi Mi Edge rumored with curved edge screen

Like other key device in the markets, Xiaomi is also reported to have its Edge version to give competition to Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 and Galaxy Edge S6+. Though there is nothing official yet but strong rumors suggest the Xiaomi Mi Edge to be the flagship for this season. According to fresh reports Xiaomi has prepared to bring the Mi Edge with the famous concept of Galaxy edge devices. But at the Xiaomi phone you will get, will have the feature in its own way. The device is expected to come with both sides of curved display. Earlier the reports suggested that the Xiaomi Mi 5 will be with edge to edge display but now it seems both are different devices.

After the success of edge display in the Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung reinforced it through the launch of Galaxy S6 edge + instead of Galaxy Note Edge which had the curve on one side. This seems that market is adjusting well with the curved devices that brings not only uniqueness in the design but also adds up some features. Thus mid range markets are also set to get a flavor of curved display concept.

A fresh leak that was reported in the Chinese market show the double edge with some impressive details about the rumored Xiaomi Mi Edge. The double side curve display of Mi Edge is reported to be up to 5.2 inch. This is quite large display that is good for the curved display to affect the most. The reports suggested QHD resolution for the Mi edge display that stands at 1440 x 2560 pixels. This resolution over the large display penal gives a pixel density of 565 ppi.

Xiaomi Mi Edge specs and review

With the large size of display penal the resolution is high enough for clear and impressive results at the curves. At the first glance the details are satisfactory to give that may bring the best of curved display. The features on the Mi edge don’t limit to the display but with strong internal specs the device is expected to earn a name in the market. Next we will bring more leaks and reports about the powerful specs of the Xiaomi Mi Edge, so keep visiting.

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