Xiaomi Mi5 will support the 3D Touch like force touch display: Reports

Xiaomi Mi5 stands among the devices with a good market following but a little details out. The device is set to join the devices of this season hasn’t revealed much so far. Yet nothing made official about its specs and dates to expect its release. However following the enthusiasm about the Xiaomi Mi5 there are many speculations that suggest much about the devices.

Earlier we were informed about the display details of the Xiaomi Mi5 which is going to arrive with 5.2inch screen. Following the same reports the internal specs are said to join up with Snapdragon 820. Some other reports however suggest the Helio X20 chipset instead of the Snapdragon 820.

There are however not confirmed, even not reliable details showing just a little about the Xiaomi Mi5. But there are some fresh reports, though not confirmed but still looking noticeable and definitely What can Xiaomi Mi5 bring this season other than the pressure touch display like 3D touch.

Yes we can judge it, with the widely appreciating response following the pressure sensitive displays is going to be among key areas to value a smartphone. Thus following Apple and now Samsung too, with pressure–sensitive display the Xiaomi Mi5 will surely stands up to the level.

However it will probably not stand against iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus that comes with a bulk of other features. But considering the pressure touch display going thru a number of devices it would be good in future sense to include the feature.

There are some other additions too in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi5. According to reports it is also expected to bring Sense ID, the Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Following certain liked features the expectations are really high. Yet the company is to bring some official details out meanwhile stay up to date for rumors and leaks to elaborate the nice package a little more.

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