Xiaomi MIUI 7 features, release date & supported devices

Xiaomi has finally released the latest version of MIUI i.e. the MIUI 7, which is Xiaomi’s customizable UI for Android. It was announced today at the event Xiaomi held for the purpose. The new Xiaomi MIUI 7 skin has a lot more customization options and increased battery life with response time improved to 30%.

According to the reports, the new Xiaomi MIUI 7 skin will be available from August 24 this month and will be rolled out first with Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and later other devices will get the update.

Xiaomi MIUI 7 supported devices:

MIUI-7-supported devices

As we discussed earlier, the MIUI 7 skin will be available for Redmi Note 2 initially and then it will be rolled out to following devices.
– Redmi 2
– Redmi 1S
– Mi 4i
– Mi 4
– Mi 3
– Redmi Note 3G
– Redmi Note 4G

New Features of MIUI 7

System UI Themes

The new Xiaomi MIUI 7 theme engine comes with 4 new system themes the Rose, Ocean, Pink Blush, High Life and Breeze. All these themes offer customization options and one can the change the UI appearing like menu, icons and other looks.

MIUI-Muse toolkit will be part of MIUI 7

Make Your own theme with Muse

In the latest version 7 of MIUI, Xiaomi has enabled the support of MUSE the theme toolkit. Now you can customize the themes completely and personalize it as per your needs. According to Xiaomi there are more than 15000 themes available to choose from.

Improved Speed and Battery Life

Xiaomi claims that the new MIUI 7 will boost the response time of different apps to 30% without any extra burden on battery. Instead it is claimed that the new UI will save up-to 25% battery consumption depending on the model and other factors.


XXL Font Size

This very feature will let the people with weak eyes like elder people to read the text easily. This extra large font will display the text without breaking and will make reading text easier.

Child Mode and Smart Photo albums

The new MIUI will support a child mode giving parents control to white-list the apps or prevent their children from using some apps. Simillarly there will be a new gallery which will group the pictures in an album by recoginizing your babies or pet’s images.


Along with the above stated features, the Xiaomi MIUI 7 will have some other cool features as well. Like for female users there is a Pink theme to choose. Or the Mi Band users will be able to disable notifications by using ‘do not disturb’ feature. Xiaomi has also updated the Opera data saving technology to reduce the data usage on the mobile by different apps.


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