Xiaomi selling trends continue as it sells 34.7 million phone in first half of 2015

Chinese smartphone market is the most vibrant market worldwide but presently the busy market is going thru a slow down. But Xiaomi smartphones, with their outstanding performance in Chinese market, still continues to sale out with a similar face. According to the company officials Xiaomi has sold out over 34.7 million of its devices during second half of this year. According to reports, 13 million Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Redmi 2A units sold in 5 months only.

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The announcement was made on the famous Chinese networking site Weibo where it was claimed that the sale of Xiaomi devices crossed 34.7 million in first six months despite the slowdown in the market. Apart from the claims made by Xiaomi officials, the manufacturer is still far away from the track that may meet the anticipated sale of its devices. Earlier Xiaomi claimed to sell One million cell phones in India.

The company has set a target of 80-100 million units this year, on the base of its own statistics. Therefore, as half of this year has already passed with just 34.7 million sales the company is still much device to sell out during the remaining period. To meet company’s own set target the Chinese manufacturer needs to do double efforts. For instance, Xiamoi must sell out device to the tone of 45.3m to 63.3m devices during the remaining half of this year.

Until now we have reports that Xiaomi has its upcoming device the Xiaomi Mi5 which may earn much sale for the company to meet the target. Though the device features a competitive build but still it don’t seems to help much. As the device is set to launch in November, it will have a very short time to help out. The device if launched earlier has the capacity to play a considerable role based on its high end specs and good features.

The company has also increased the momentum of its manufacturing to fulfill the target on time but the slow down and the short period may prove challenging to Xiaomi.


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