Xiaomi to offer MiPad and RedMi 2 on 12 March in India

Xiaomi, the fastest growing smartphone seller in the world, is going to start selling Xiaomi RedMi 2, no wait it’s not RedMi 2, its Xiaomi MiPad, umm wait may be we are confused, why don’t you decide yourself? Yes this is easy why don’t you decide yourself what Xiaomi has in its pander box? Xiaomi is starting a flash sale on 12th March in collaboration with FlipKart in India. And Xiaomi has made this sale more interesting by releasing a puzzle contest solving which leads to the correct answer. You will have to find three words related to the device to enter in to the contest and the winners will get priority passes letting them buy the device (RedMi 2 or MiPad) without going through the flash sale.

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While it was widely spread that the device hidden in the puzzle suggest Xiamoi RedMi 2 will be the device on sale as they keywords including NVIDIA, EXPANDABLE, WIDE-ANGLE all suggested it was Xiamoi RedMi 2 but more solutions have appeared on the internet with new keywords like KEPLAR, TEGRA, MOVIES, QUICK CHARGE and most importantly NEW and DUAL SIM leading the clue to the Xiaomi MiPad.

So this suggests Xiaomi is going to offer Xiaomi RedMi 2 and Xiaomi MiPad both for flash sale on 12th March and possibly there will be a new Xiaomi tablet (Xiaomi MiNote ??) on sale. Well we do not have to wait much for this and cat will be out of the bag soon. Check these images below of the puzzle and go participate yourself as well to bring the expected Xiaomi MiNote, RedMi 2 or Xiaomi MiPad.

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Solve the puzzle to win RedMi 2 or MiPad by Xiaomi

Solve the puzzle to have Xiaomi-have-up-for-sale-on-March-12th


Xiaomi new Device Puzzle Keywords

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