You can root OnePlus 2 without voiding the warranty!

The warning that if you will try to root your device you will lose its warranty doesn’t exist anymore if you are an OnePlus customer. The OnePlus promises to provide the users with an ultimate unlocked environment. For this purpose, OnePlus favors some popular moves and now it is going to preserve your warranty even after you root your device.

While we have the OnePlus 2 finally emerging out of darkness the resolve of open environment is kept unchanged. OnePlus tries to relieve the rootheads who don’t like the traditional bondages imposed among the usual smartphones by key manufacturers.

As we have noticed other manufactures are still very cautious about the breaking the software boundaries for their devices. Though they are unable to stop rooting of the device but they do refuse to offer warranty afterward. But OnePlus has changes the course with its own approach.

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OnePlus 2 by OnePlus released

The approach adopted by OnePlus is not much different but yet it is a positive and relevant approach. According to the details provided by OnePlus it will examine the warranty claim and well device weather the issues are created by the rooting of device or not. Thus you still need to take care of the changes you are going to make on you device’s software but it don’t lose the overall warranty given by the company. If your devices issue is not related to its rooting or flashing the custom ROM then it is still considered as a valid claim.

However if the issues on your device are related to your adventure with your OnePlus device then you may lose a claim for full customer care services. The customer services will still respond to your complaint and may suggest you not to use some options. Though this will again limit your reach on your device’s ultimate powers but it also give a bit of satisfaction to many users.

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