Zeiss VR One Plus Universal VR Headset

The upcoming Zeiss VR One Plus is the closest thing to a universal smartphone powered virtual reality headset. The VR headset can support smartphones with screen sizes of up to 5.5-inches. Zeiss VR One Plus also allows users to wear prescription glasses while using the VR headset.


The new edition of the Zeiss VR One Plus could just be the virtual reality headset you are looking for. The headset’s smartphone tray is sort of universal. The tray can accommodate¬†smartphones with all screen sizes up to 5.5 inches. It’s predecessor the Zeiss VR One could only accommodate smartphones of sizes up to 5.2 inches in length. Since the average display sizes of smartphones have grown since then, the new model of the Zeiss One has been created to support slightly larger handsets.

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Zeiss’s latest virtual reality headset is platform-agnostic. This means that as far as the headset is concerned it doesn’t matter if you are going to use it with the iPhone 6S Plus, Xperia Z5 Premium, or the Samsung Galaxy S7. The VR headset can support multiple platforms easily and can play virtual reality content on almost all platforms. But the best feature of the Zeiss VR One Plus is that it accommodates people with prescription glasses. Users can easily wear their glasses while ¬†watching virtual reality content or playing VR games.

The Zeiss VR One Plus headset is designed to be comfortable to wear. It also fits comfortably if you are wearing prescription glasses. The virtual reality headset leaves the perfect amount of space between your glasses and the oculars. This prevents the user from getting dizzy while using the One Plus headset.

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Check out the Prices and Other details about Zeiss VR One Plus at Amazon

The One Plus virtual reality headset also comes at a reasonable price of $129 whereas the Zeiss VR One is available for $124. While the headset is not exactly as cheap as the cardboard virtual reality headsets, it is well worth its money. The VR One Plus is also less expensive than some other similar headset models like the Samsung Gear VR which has the main drawback of being platform dependent and can only be used inside the Galaxy ecosystem. The VR headset will start shipping in mid-August. Pre-order are now open for VR One Plus. Below is a video featuring the VR One Plus is all its glory.


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