ZeroLemon extended battery case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

ZeroLemon extended battery claims to be the world’s highest capacity extended battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with 10000 mAh power which is 3 times the original capacity of Galaxy Note 4 which is 3220 mAh. It is available at Amazon.

ZeroLemon extended battery case answers the biggest problem in the smartphone world i.e the battery backup problem. You do not use your mobile a lot but the battery drains out very quickly. This is especially a big problem for those who use their phones for continuous communication either for business purpose or some other reason. Only chance they get is to carry multiple mobiles with them but who likes it.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not an exception in this case, and its battery drains out like other phablets in a day with normal use. You will have to charge your stylish Galaxy Note 4 every night to use it the next day. Although Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 3220 mAh battery, it is not sufficient for extensive and heavy usage.

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But zerolemon extended battery has provided us an alternate solution and has introduced the 10000 mAh extended battery case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is 3 times more powerful to the actual battery of the latest Samsung Note.
ZeroLemon extended battery case is although not very stylish and you will certainly not love to use it with your ‘pretty’ Note 4, this case will give you the ability to use your Note 4 heavily without thinking about battery at all. The case dimensions are 6.44X3.51X0.81 inches whereas the battery size is 4.19X3.06X0.53 inches.


ZeroLemon is designed to make you feel comfortable when you use your Galaxy Note 4. It lets you use all the features like adjusting volume, listening music, receiving calls or using ports for ear piece or charging. This extended battery charger will never be a hurdle in your way. You can still use your camera without any problem and can take the advantage of NFC support to use Google Wallet for shopping purposes.

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The most favorite part of this cool extended battery case for Galaxy Note 4 is its availability at Amazon with 30 days Full Refund guarantee. Although ZeroLemon extended battery comes with 180 days guarantee as well but the Amazon offer is really nice. You can buy this beautiful case at Amazon.


How do I perform full charge on my ZeroLemon Galaxy Note 4 Extended battery or How to charge a ZeroLemon battery for note 4?

Once you have bought your ZeroLemon Extended battery for Galaxy Note 4. You can follow the steps defined in the below images. For other similar questions you can go here.

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