10 Best Smart Fans That Work with Alexa

10 Best Smart Fans That Work with Alexa

As we all know Alexa is a voice assistant used for controlling smart devices from anywhere through a smartphone via an Alexa App. You can remotely control your smart appliances such as TVs, locks, security cameras, thermostats, lights, and switches with just one voice command. Similarly, Alexa works with Tower and ceiling fans as well. Here we will review the best Alexa Smart fan with light. Also, we will guide you through some of the important aspects of ceiling fans.

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Smart fans that work with Alexa

How do I connect Alexa to ceiling fans?

You can connect Alexa to ceiling fans with the help of a bond bridge via the Bond Home app available on both iOS and Android.

Can you make a ceiling fan smart?

Secondly, you can use Lutron caseta switches to make a ceiling fan smart via the Lutron App but you need to pair a bridge with the router to integrate.

Can Alexa change the fan speed?

Install the Alexa app on your smartphone add a ceiling fan to the devices or accessories section and control the settings of the fan with the help of voice assistant Alexa.

Smart fan compatible with Alexa

Dreo smart tower fan

Smart fans that work with Alexa

DREO is amongst the nicest smart fans that work with Alexa and blows a considerable amount of air quietly. Unlike other conventional fans, the Dreo smart tower fan allows you to control your fan from anywhere. If you forget to turn off the Dreo smart tower fan before leaving, No matter where you are, just control a smart fan with one tap on the Dreo mobile App.

Moreover, the Dreo smart tower fan works with Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control your Alexa smart fan with the voice command.

Turn on your Bluetooth and wifi and Download the Dreo App to connect your mobile with the Dreo smart tower fan. Connect your Alexa to the Dreo App for Alexa voice assistant.

Interestingly, it tells the temperature of your room when room gets hot. The Alexa smart fan is slim and can fit in narrow spaces easily.

Lumary Bluetooth Ceiling Fan

Smart fans that work with Alexa

Lumary Bluetooth is one of the best smart fans that work with Alexa and supports Google Home, and Siri which means you can control the ceiling fan through your voice. You can control the smart wifi fan with a remote or a Lumary App at 2.4GHz wifi. It features LED lights. The low-profile ceiling fan is 18 inches in diameter which is best for rooms with low ceilings.

Moreover, It is a reversible fan that produces great airflow to keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter as the fan spins reverse in an upward airflow for winter and spins forward to make a downward airflow for summer. The installation is easy.

Govee Smart Tower Fan

Smart fans that work with Alexa

The Govee smart tower fan is one of the best 36-inch smart fans that work with Alexa and can be controlled with Google Assistant, or via the Govee Home App. It comprises 8 fan speed levels and 3 Modes Normal, sleep, and Nature mood. You can set your fan on whatever mode you want. The sleep mode is usually quiet. If you want a cooling environment then select Normal mode.

Moreover, The smart tower fan comes with a Thermo-Hygrometer that allows you to set your fan speed on the Auto mode by adjusting the temperature on the Govee Thermo-Hygrometer. You can set a 24-hour schedule on the App.


  • It can easily be carried from one place to another
  • It flows air well even on the lowest settings.
  • It is cheap compared to other wifi fans
  • You can control the fan with your phone via the Govee App


  • It has no remote

CEME low-profile Fan

Smart fans that work with Alexa

CEME low-profile ceiling fan is a smart fan compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. It is the best budget ceiling fan for the Bedroom. It consists of colors reversible blade that gives cool air in warm weather due to a downdraft mode and warm air in cold weather due to an updraft mode.

Moreover, this low-price Indoor Alexa smart fan has a powerful DC motor that produces 10 different wind speeds. The 48-inch Alexa ceiling fan comes with three different types of dimmable LED lights for a cool and warm environment. CEME is the best flush-mount ceiling fan with light and remote.


  • Airflow: Upto 3514.5 CFM and down to 1435.5 CFM
  • Reversible DC motor
  • Fan size: 48-inch
  • Wifi ceiling fan
  • Mounting type: ceiling mount
  • Control with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, or Siri


  • You will pay less for electricity bills as its DC motor saves energy
  • Easy to install
  • The Wi-Fi ceiling fan comes with 10 different wind speeds


  • The remote is not good enough
  • The fan can make a noise in high mode

Smart fan with Alexa

Xerxes Ceiling Fans 

Alexa smart fan

The Xerxes is amongst the best smart fans that work with Alexa from the brand Honeywell. It has a modern design compared to traditional ceiling fans. It circulates warm air in the winter and cold air in the summer due to its reversible motor. The indoor ceiling fan is designed for large spaces such as the living room and bedroom.

If you have an Echo Dot or Echo Show, you can control the ceiling fan with the help of your voice as it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Moreover, The Xerxes is a Smart fan that comes with a universal remote control along with a wall dock. The remote control offers on/off functions for the fan and light and controls the speed setting of the fan for high, medium, and low. The remote also features light brightness functions from dimming to brightening.

Lastly, the Xerxes ceiling fan is the best Alexa-controlled ceiling fan with light that is integrated with dimmable LED.


  • The Honeywell ceiling fan is available in a Dual finish reversible blades
  • Fan size: 62 inches
  • Mounting type: ceiling mount
  • The number of blades: 8 reversible blades
  • Power source: DC

Big Ass Fans Haiku L– a smart fan with Alexa

alexa smart fan

Haiku L is designed for smaller spaces and can be controlled with Vera, Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS, and Android. Haiku L is the best Alexa smart fan with LED lights that come with an integrated LED light kit and a wall-mounted IR remote to control the speed and direction of the fan. Its WiFi module helps you to pair the smart ceiling fan with the Haiku Home app to connect your smartphone and Alexa-compatible devices.


  • It is available in a white and black color
  • fan size is 52 inches
  • Mounting Type: wall mount
  • Number of Blades: 3
  • Power source: ECmotor


It is very expensive.

Alexa smart fan with light

Reiga Modern Smart Fan

alexa smart fan

Regia is amongst the best smart fans that work with Alexa comes with a light that can be controlled through your voice with just one command Alexa ” turn on the fan”. Its reversible motor function can make your room cool in summer due to downward airflow and warm in winter due to upward airflow. It comes with a remote to control your fan setting easily. The LED dimmable light of Alexa enabled ceiling fan is not very bright.


  • It is available in a silver finish
  • Fan size: 54 inches
  • Mounting Type: Downrod mount
  • Number of Blades: 5
  • Power source: AC

Tip Top Smart Indoor and Outdoor

best Alexa fan

The Brand Modern Forms design Tip Top smart fan with Alexa. One of the Smart fans that work with Alexa, Google Assistant, Ecobee, Josh AI, and Samsung smart things. The DC motor of the Modern Forms Ceiling fan is quiet and saves energy as compared to other traditional fans.

Moreover, it comes with a battery-powered Bluetooth-enabled remote with a wall cradle. You can control fan speeds, light brightness, and other smart features of Fan by downloading the Modern Form App from the Apple App Store or Google App Store and creating an account then adding the fan to your account. The Wi-Fi ceiling fan can connect only with a 2.45GHz network

In addition, the box includes an LED light kit which is highly efficient and saves energy. The fan blades are reversible and move cool air in summer and warm air in cold.


  • It has a great design
  • No sound in the fan
  • Sves up to 70% more energy than other fans
  • Reasonable price


  • Installation might be difficult

Smart fan compatible with Alexa

WAC Smart Fans

ceiling fan Alexa

Wac is a smart outdoor and indoor ceiling fan with light. The fan is pretty easy to install. It comes with 3000K LED light bulbs that are energy efficient. Wac is the best DC motor ceiling fan with light that consumes 70% less energy as compared to other expensive AC motor ceiling fans.

One of the smart fans that work with Alexa and Google Home so you can control your fan through voice commands by downloading the Wac App, iOS or Android app on your mobile.

In addition, a WiFi smart ceiling fan allows you to set schedules. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control through which you can sync multiple fans, set winter or summer modes, Fan speed, and light brightness as well.


  • WAC is the best flush-mount ceiling fan with light and remote.

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