Apple brings first iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case for $99

Apple iPhone 6S Smart battery case back view
Apple finally sets its first official battery pack case public with Appleā€™s popular stylish and impressive looks. The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is made available for $99 that fits into your iPhone to enhance its battery timing and looks. The battery case works with both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s which you can try out in Charcoal Gray and White outlook.

The new case comes as a battery pack as well as a standard iPhone protective case. You can compare it against current iPhone cases like the Apple Silicon Case. The new Smart Battery Case is quite similar to the Silicon case but being a battery pack too you can note the bump on its back for external battery.

Apple iPhone 6S Smart battery case sde view

You might have used several third party battery packs with your iPhone but Apple devices mostly stay best with official accessories. Thus after leaving its users with third party battery packs for a while, now Apple brings its own complements to its heavily performing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

Apple iPhone 6S Smart battery case front and back view

You may consider its battery bump a little extra mass on the slim iPhone but it is not only the size increased. Actually the battery bump on its back gives you up to 25 hours active device usage. This is quite huge and much considerable against the increase into device size after wearing the case.

Apple iPhone 6S Smart battery case

With extra battery timing and styles the case also gives your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s a good protective covering. Not just on outer side but also inside the case there is a soft microfiber lining that helps protect your device. You can easily and safely put the device into the case and take it off. The capacity of the Smart Battery Case is not disclosed but comparing with others we may suggest more than 2750mAH capacity.

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