Best video doorbell without subscription

Home security has become among the important priorities in this busy life. And when everything is going smart, How can this important area of life be ignored? To track your Home security, a lot of smart video doorbell are available in the market that helps you track 24/7 daily activities around your Home or Apartment but most people want smart video doorbell without subscription or monthly fees

In the Market, there are both 2.4GHz wifi doorbells and 5GHz doorbells without subscriptions available.

Check For 5GHz video doorbells without a subscription

If you are looking for the Best video doorbell camera without a subscription, Here we have selected some of the Best video doorbells without a subscription

Best video doorbell camera without subscription

AOSU Doorbell Camera 

Best video doorbell without subscription

Aosu doorbell is the best video doorbell without a subscription. The wireless doorbell is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. The doorbell sends a quick notification when someone is at the door even you can reply to the visitor from anywhere. As the Aosu is battery powered doorbell, its battery lasts up to 180 days.

Moreover, the doorbell saves your videos to the Home base and secures two months of loop recording without a subscription or no monthly fees for recording. Motion detection of Aosu is best. Keep you away from false alerts.


  • Aosu doorbell comes with a crystal clear picture
  • The doorbell doesn’t miss any event at your door
  • It records the whole event
  • The doorbell is good value for the money


  • It only supports 2.4GHz wifi(doesn’t support 5GHz)
  • The video records break into clips.

eufy security Video Doorbell

Best video doorbell without subscription

Eufy is one of the best battery-powered wireless doorbells and saves video locally. Eufy is the best option if you are looking for a doorbell that stores data locally on a Home base. Eufy is committed to products and services to keep your data secure and private and make sure the security of your privacy. That’s why I highly recommend you consider the Eufy doorbell as your first choice.


  • If you have an echo dot, you can turn it into a chime for Eufy’s doorbell
  • Installation is easy
  • Eufy is compatible with Alexa


  • Eufy is not compatible with Homekit

Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

Netatmo is Alexa, Homekit and Google Assistant compatible doorbell

Netatmo homekit enabled devices and accessories

wireless doorbell camera without a subscription

Morecam doorbell Camera

5GHz video doorbell

Morecam wireless doorbell is specially designed for apartments and the installation is very easy and wired-free. Just download the cloud edge app on Google Play/App Store. The wireless doorbell camera offers video storage with no subscription fees and connects with 2.4GHz WiFi. It features 1080p HD High-resolution videos with a 166-degree field of view. Even in a dark environment, you can see sharp images due to sharp night vision technology. The wireless doorbell uses advanced radar technology to alert you when someone is near your home.

Moreover, Face recognition technology lets you know who is at the door. In case of stealing doorbell ring a siren to make the stealer scared. It is IP65 water and dustproof in tough weather conditions. The doorbell offers free 32GB local storage. The battery lasts up to 120 days on a single charge. The Morecam doorbell has a built-in PIR motion sensor that sends you alerts in case of any motion detection. Thanks to a built-in speaker and microphone you can communicate with visitors at your door from anywhere.

XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera -without a subscription

 video doorbell without subscription

XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera is the best budget smart WiFi video doorbell without a subscription. It is a battery-powered doorbell camera.

MUBVIEW Wireless Doorbell Camera 

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