How to download Pokémon GO? – Don’t worry if your country is not in list

Pokemon is already launched in several countries and its craze leads to trespassing, strangers walking in lawns and looking for pikachu, Police department of U.S became active and posting warnings on social sites for people to take care who are hunting pokemon.

Regions where Pokémon GO is available:


Official Download:

You can download Pokémon GO from Google Playstore and Apple iTunes.

How to download Pokemon from regions where it’s not available:
What? your region is not available in list? don’t worry follow below steps and enjoy;

  • Open iTunes from your device.
  • Logout your current Apple ID.
  • Go to App Store within the iTunes.
  • Download any Free App or Game. iTunes would then prompt you to enter an Apple ID.
  • Don’t put your old Apple ID instead create a new one.
  • Put region as United States.
  • In Payment Option you would see None already selected, So just fill billing details.
  • Verify Your ID.
  • Now login from your US Apple ID
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