Apple Pencil

Images: Hands-on with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

Apple may put you on the waiting list as you order for Apple Pencil online but we got a lucky user to give us a hands-on with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro was pushed into the market a little earlier than the key smart accessories that accompanied it on the announcement day. You will still get a smart cover with a protective case out of the box with an iPad Pro.

Apple pencil case. Hands-on with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro
Apple pencil case


Despite the enthusiasm and fame of the Apple Pencil, it comes in a rather usual packaging. You can unbox it with the help of the pull tab. After unboxing you can find a simple illustration about how to quick charge the Pencil. Instruction papers and warranty pamphlets are there to help you understand the Apple Pencil.


According to the details on the paper, the Pencil comes with one year warranty and may need to replace the Pencil tip as it wears away. Further, it tells you the way to use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro as you use a common pencil with paper. You will also find a spare tip for replacement and a lightning port adapter with a cable for a quick charge.

In the box, the Pencil is wrapped in plastic and placed in a tray as we found it on display. There are no clear instructions about how to pair it with iPad Pro. However it is not a tough job, you can pair it by removing the cap and connecting it with the device via a lightning port.

Connecting with the device will also charge the Pencil for the first time. And, it gets charged really fast about 25% within 15 minutes. Now as we have got a number of interesting apps like the Notes app on iOS 9, start exploring the Pencil. There are some Apple Pencil-ready apps too that allow you to become more creative with the Pencil.

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