Top 10 Best Available Android Launchers

Top 10 Best Available Android Launchers

The Android users customize their experience while using smartphones or tablet with the Android launchers. The best Android launchers out there facilitate users to tweak the device’s behavior to suit their daily use. Now you can make your home screens as you want now it is up to you to choose simple or complicated. If you are looking for new launcher for your phone and also want a change of pace from the out-of-box software experience on your phone. We surely can provide you some ideas about the best available Android launchers. There are numbers of Android launchers are available for Android but we have collected some best of them.

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1. Google Now Launcher


The Google Now launcher is the Google’s own stock Android launcher and of course a natural pick for anybody who is looking for a pure, Android experience. If you want more stability and a consistent Android experience you might be looking for the Google Now launcher. To get the full experience just pair it with the Google Keyboard. Google now launcher is compatible with all Nexus and Google Play Edition devices and it will be running on all Android 4.x handsets by two minutes with a computer. Now there will be no unnecessary things would come between you and your apps as the transitions are extremely quick. You can access to Google very easily, voice controls without button, and enough transparent window-bars which will make you imagine you are back in Windows Vista. As it is owned by Google you will be getting everything the manufacturer has loaded up in one install. You

2. Nova Launcher


Nova is well known Android launcher and easily available. Nova offers a complete bunch of animation options, desktop behaviors and folder views. Nova is very popular and highly functional Android launcher that can be as subtle or as you like, by spending the time you can make it completely unique. An extremely good addition here is swipe actions, with this addition you can make app icons to act as a folder with a swipe or a standard app launch with just a one a tap. If you are not entirely happy with this you always have an option to explore the wide world of Nova-compatible themes in Google Play to change the look and feel of your Android device spectacularly. And not only that you will also find some Android Lollipop 5.0-style options tucked away in Nova.

3. Action Launcher


Action Launcher provides you a chance to mix things up and changes the interface pattern than in any other normal Android launcher. In the Action Launcher there is no regular dock and app drawer, here regular dock and app drawer is replaced by a slide-in drawer. You can get to your apps very quickly, there is a modern and exceptional way to launch into folders with swipes as you get Shutters and Covers for this purpose. This is an enhanced option that features an innovative way which is missing in some other normal Android launchers. Action Launcher 3, the newest version of action launcher introduces some new features and has enhanced design that fits in with Android Lollipop.

4. Nokia Z Launcher


Z Launcher from Nokia is another Android launcher which helps you get to your favorite apps and sites pretty quickly. The Z Launcher learns your habits and taking into account your location it would become more and more useful if you keep using it. The Z Launcher would get better and better when you use it more and more because the app does learn more about your habits. There is another trick which allows access you to app rapidly, just draw the first letter it will produce a narrow list of results. The Z Launcher does remember your favorites, it means that the app which you use more often the Z Launcher will remember it. Read more about the Nokia Z launcher here.



Apex launcher is almost the same as Nova launcher because both offer very similar range of functions. In the Apex launcher you can tweak the icon tray size and, adjust home screen of your device, can change animations of your device. In the Apex launcher there are plenty of options available for third party themes in the Google Play Store. A large variety in themes allow you change the look of your Android.

6. Buzz Launcher


In the Buzz Launcher users can browse and download with a killer advantage. The Buzz Launcher has the standard set of customization options, but with a killer advantage a user can create library of thousands of themes. Buzz launcher is all about the aesthetics whereas on the other hand, other launchers try to provide you easy access to the app you want. Others provides minimum efforts for this purpose but not the same case here though. If you don’t have an iPhone Buzz launcher can be your choice, there are already a large numbers of powerful launchers out there in the market, but if you are matching your shoelaces color to your cravat, the Buzz Launcher might be your choice.

7. Yahoo AVIATE Launcher


Yahoo Aviate launcher is another very good Android Launcher as it can be said that Yahoo unveiled it in the early stages of its development. But despite of early stages of its development it became the best contextually-aware launchers available. Aviate is a great launcher as it has ability to build collections of your apps based on different types of activities. In the Aviate you can tweak collections yourself also and Aviate offer suggestions to fill in collections as well. Aviate also informs you many things like, where you are at the moment and what time it is etc. For example, when you plug in your headphones, it offers you speedy access to your favorite music apps and media controls. And not only this you will also be offered shortcuts to navigate.



The Go Launcher comes with a great range of screen transition and 3D ones as well. The Go Launcher is a flashy launcher and offers 10,000+ themes and experience fast and furious, speedy and smooth operation provided by powerful 3D core. The Go Launcher is the best home screen replacement, as it offers you many first-ever features to customize your home screen and capture your phone like a sniper. The Go Launcher features 25+ fancy transition effects and free game carrier. You can upgrade to Go Launcher Prime for just $ 5.99, Go Launcher Prime has options like security lock for individual apps, and many more.

These were some of the best Android Launchers we find as the best options for naïve users. Do you use any Android Launcher with your device or not? If yes, which one is your favorite? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.