Why Apple Watch is the only smart watch that matters [Infographic]

Why Apple Watch is the only smart watch that matters [Infographic]

Apple CEO, Tim Cook claimed Apple Watch as the only smart watch that matters. For many it was a marketing shot at rivals but there was some weight in it as well. Soon after the announcement about the Apple Watch, it got mix response but the pre-orders of the Apple Watch were mind blowing and Apple managed to get more than 1 million pre-orders on the first day.

Although we did not see the same momentum of orders from the end users and the later sales predictions suggested that the milestone of selling 50 million Apple Watch units in the first year of launch will be real hard if not impossible. But the Apple Watch has managed to bring the Wearable technology in mainstream and it is the success of ever tech enthusiast.

I know it is bit controversial and the claim that the Apple Watch is the only smart watch that matters, is really heavy shot to defend but when we put ourselves above the Apple Vs Samsung, iOS vs Android debate, it does not look so hard to digest the statement. There are a lot of critiques one can find all over internet especially the guys at XDA came with really cool stuff after visiting the store of Oz but what really matters in the end is customers’ demand. Not everyone is a geek who can indulge himself into technical details of the product before buying and the consumers always want the ‘complete’ product. And this is what Apple does really well by convincing consumers that it has the product which customers want.

Similarly, when it comes to talk about the success of the product, there comes the strategy. Apple did not get the one million orders on the first day by poking at the rivals but it was an excellent strategy behind the success of the Apple Watch. Just observer some stats like Apple spent $38 million on Apple Watch television ads in a single month as compared to the $42 million on the iPhone 6 ads since its release.

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Did any other company had a complete strategy to bring its wearable on the top of competitors? Were these $38 million ads only calling the consumers towards the Store of Oz or did they help building some awareness as well, which will benefit Apple and its competitors mutually?

Well, its an endless debate and like everyone I also believe Apple can bring a more powerful and cool Apple Watch but as a starter Apple Watch gets our full marks.

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Why Apple Watch Matters Infographic
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