ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone

ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone

Smartwatches are moving on fast track to reduce the use of smartphones. Thus with a highly functional smartwatch on your wrist you may not look at your phone for several things. These include notifications, updates, texting and some key features like calls and music and voice controlled features. Here we have the newly introduced ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smart watch Phone which can be substitute to your phone for many reasons.

The new entry into smartwatch market comes with similar promises. The ZGPAX S79 comes with Bluetooth connectivity, unique looks and attractive price tag. Its prices which are kept at just 25.74 USD become more highlighted when judged on the base of features. Like most of Android wears and some other matching smartwatches, it comes with a lot of features. Let’s have a detailed look into its some key areas.

With round edges and wide pace the attractive design is evident on first look. With the stainless steel on its case and rubber bands the watch give you a mixed outlook and comfortable wearing experience. It is also made colorful with almost six color outlooks. Both girls and boys can pick the color suits them most with its utmost looks.

ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smartwatch

The display on ZGPAX S79 is about 1.54inch size with resolution of about 240x240pixels. This comes with capacitive quality that can detect the softest touch.

Beside the stylish outlook the device loads plenty of good features. As we mentioned there is nothing to miss while paying too less for a standard smartwatch.

First to mention the ZGPAX S79 carries Bluetooth 3.0 as one of its key features. This held you connect and control your smartphone for various tasks. There is also a SIM slot where you can place any GSM SIM card. You can also build upto 8GB storage viva microSD card. With all these you can take advantage of its 0.3 megapixel camera for plenty of jobs. You can buy this cool gadget for just $25 at GearBest.

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