Android Wear gets update includes the Battery statistics app as well

Android Wear gets update includes the Battery statistics app as well


Google seems reviving its app for wearables to bring its users the nice things back that were missed with earlier updates. The new updated version of the Android Wear app is released by Google with the liked feature of battery statistics. Android Wear users were reported disappointed with the missing feature in the app version 1.4, now the new updates seems settling things down to the previous position.

The new version 1.4 of the Android Wear app was released about a month back. Though the updated version included the other things with the Android Wear companion app but the informative representation of battery position was not given. Now as the features worked previously you can view the battery level of your Android Wear on a graph. The app also give you other info about battery usage including the performance with battery consuming apps.

Android wear app with battery statistics update


The battery statistics feature on the Android Wear has been liked but with some criticism due its performance.

Considering the multimedia features and the limited battery it is quite important to know the correct and timely status of your watch battery. But many users previously raised questions over the reliability of the statistics which were experienced not working.

Google removed the feature in the last release of the Android Wear app. Though the performance complaints had been lodged by its users but yet it remains unclear about Google intentions to remove the Battery statistics feature from the app.

However many believe, it was the reliability issue as the reason behind this move. Thus if it remains to be the case, the revival of the features may include some fixes or improvement in overall performance. There were some other cuts in the last updates too which were not revived in current updates. For instance the toggle connect/disconnect option which is still missing.
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