10 Apple watch hacks you don’t know

10 Apple watch hacks you don’t know

Introducing Apple Watch Series 7, Bring your adventurous side to the front. Soon after the announcement by Apple about its Apple Watch release, Apple upgraded its watches and thus gave an opportunity to Smartwatch makers to improve their wearable gadgets as well. With a new always-on-retina display, the apple watch series 7 comes back with really cool features and hacks. Help you to stay fit, and monitor your health.

Apple watches series 7 is a similar effort in this regard. Apple has come back with a really cool smartwatch achieving the number one position in the smartwatches market leaving behind the Galaxy watch 4 and Fitbit charge 5.

We earlier reviewed the Fitbit Charge 5 (A Powerful Activity tracker and smartwatch which is a fitness watch with the best features on it. But Fitbit Charge 5 is not a 100% smartwatch.

Apple watch series 7 instead is a 100% fitness smartwatch with curve edges and a larger screen display. We will compare these two smartwatches and the others as well in detail but the durable glass screen, midnight aluminum case along with sport band on Apple Watch 7 gives it a distinguished look, making it ‘rock solid’ and perfect for adventurers.

Apple has introduced its Apple watch series 7 at the price of US$399. At this price certainly, this smartwatch is certainly not as cheap as compared to Galaxy watch 4 and Fitbit charge 5.

Questions arise in your mind while buying an Apple Watch 7

Is Apple Watch worth buying?

What is the Apple Watch most useful for?

Is there a monthly fee to have an Apple Watch?

Can I use Apple Watch without iPhone?

We have tried to give answer your questions about the Apple watch series 7.

Keep reading it!

Apple Watch Series 7 Hacks


Apple Watch Series 7 with a midnight sport band

Apple Watch Series 7 review

The Apple Watch Series 7  is released on October 15, 2021, almost 10 months ago. You will find an aluminum bezel around the display with clock markings that reminds us of the watch’s actual purpose, i.e. Timekeeping and giving it a nice look.

It is made of an Aluminium case along with various sports bands, the Apple watch series 7 has a home button right side to initiate different functions. Without using this button you will not find any major difference between traditional watches and this cool smartwatch. Comparing the Apple Watch 7 to other Watches, it has more potential and is more stylish and fashion-oriented with a focus on the latest wearable technology.

Despite the Galaxy watch 4 appealing to me more while talking of the design and having many beautiful looks, I will go for the Apple watch 7 because of its completeness and because of the ‘call for adventure’ appeal in it. It is not only the demonstration of OS Wear but a more refined product as compared to other rectangle-shaped smartwatches.

Although Apple Watch 7 has a microphone for voice commands it lacks speakers which is a shame for such a classy smartwatch because without speakers you cannot make and receive calls with it. The heartbeat sensor is at the back as usual and it is WR50 waterproof as well.


Apple watch series 7 is a smartwatch with a Larger display

It has a larger, Always on-Retina display with a 45mm diameter which is slightly more prominent as compared to the 40mm diameter of the Apple Watch 6.

The Apple watch comes with a resolution of 352 x 430 pixels(41mm) and 396×484 pixels (945mm) which are higher than of Apple watch series 6 which is 324×394 pixels(40mm) and 368x448pixels(44mm).

The Analogue features a clock to check the time and it works nicely in direct sunlight with the lowest brightness settings as well.

The watch is durable as it has a glass screen and no need for any screen protector.

Cool hacks for the apple watch

Can you FaceTime on your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Series 7  comes with multiple watch faces and has just recently introduced new watch faces as well. You will find the default watch face on your Watch 7.

One of the unique features of the Apple Watch 7 is the qwerty keyboard for writing text messages and this is really helpful and even predictable in what you want to type.

Assistive touch option

Moreover, by rotating and clenching your hand twice, you can use or navigate your watch without any touch. But for this, you need to toggle on the assistive touch option in the watch settings under accessibility. Once assistive touch gets access you can clench twice to navigate your whole watch.

Apple watch series 7

Unlock your iPhone or iMac with Apple watch series 7 by keeping your face mask on and enabled on your iPhone and iMac.

You will get additional features in these faces like the world clock allows you to display the time of two additional time zones you set and the fitness face will show your step count as well. Likewise, the hiking face has a compass as well which works quite nicely if calibrated perfectly.

Health tracker

The Apple Watch 7 tracks your heart rate and notifies your heart rhythm. Also, track your sleep and monitor blood oxygen.

It can also track your ECG through a sensor and app.


It tracks all your daily activities and workouts such as cycling, running or swimming, etc

It is IP6X dust-resistant and WR50(50m deep) water-resistant.

Can you text on an Apple Watch?

Calls and text messages

you can call and text messages through your watch 7 easily and stay connected with your friends and family.

You can send or pay money with apple pay and run music (Spotify) at your airport.

The voice commands work very well and sometimes give astonishing results for passive inquiries. Like it will tell you the weather when you ask about having a jacket with you instead of asking about the weather directly.

You need to tap the watch face or say ‘OK Siri’ to wake the watch and voice commands will help you perform routine tasks. Although it takes too long sometimes to wake up and respond.

You get a notification on the screen in case of any update is available. Likewise, in the setting section, you can adjust the brightness, restart and reset the watch. It is the Start menu that brings all the apps installed on it to you.

The voice commands are helpful while your hands are busy like if you are driving or carrying something other than it, ‘talking to wrist’ in public places is not an idea that has been accepted yet.

The Apple Watch 7 has one of the best GPS tracking which is an essential feature of every smartwatch popular in the market.

It comes with an S7, 64-bit dual-core processor, which is 20% more powerful than the Apple watch SE.

Isn’t it one of the cool apple watch hacks?

Apple watch series 7

Battery Life, charging, and connectivity of Apple Watch Series 7

One of the major issues with smartwatches is the battery life. There are few smartwatches available right now which provide a decent battery backup right now but Apple Watch Series 7 is exceptional with up to 33% faster charging than the apple watch series 6 and 50% faster than the Apple watch series 3.
give you 2 full days of backup when moderately used and it will not be able to give you more than 2 days of backup if you use it heavily. Voice commands are the worst enemy of battery and drain it too quickly.

The charging method of the Apple watches series 7 is the same as that of the watch series 6 and it comes with a magnetic charger with a USB C cable to the plugin. It will take 1 hour to fully charge your watch. But what makes Apple watch 7 much better in this regard than other smartwatches is the ability to become a bedside alarm clock while charging with displaying a watch face having a dim light.

Smiling 2-Pack Case-Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Apple watch series 7

One of the many reasons behind the high prices for smartwatches is their being in stages of evolution and the companies making them are putting a large amount of cash at risk.


Overall, Here we have tried to show you some of the apple watch hacks. We can say Apple Watch Series 7 is the most durable, and crack-resistant. We can say with confidence that the apple watch series 7 is the best iOS Wear smartwatch available on the market. The black bezel, collection of watch faces, and Analogue time display all make it stand confidently.

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