Best Sports Fan Engagement Apps For 2022

Best Sports Fan Engagement Apps For 2022

Apps help bring people together and promote engagement, and it’s particularly evident in the sports
sector. Some fitness apps can make you better at sports, like Charity Miles as it can be a great source of
to walk, run or use your bicycle. Each time you complete a mile, a sponsor will donate a few
cents, and the cents eventually add up to dollars which go toward a good cause, while keeping you fit.

A wide selection of apps helps you connect directly with your favorite clubs and teams. Some offer digital
benefits, others are engagement platforms, and all these options bring you closer to the game than ever
before. Here are some of the best sports fan engagement apps for this year.

1. NHL

Out of the 30 National Hockey League (NHL) teams, 14 have already launched their own app, like the St.
Louis Blues and the Tampa Bay Lightning. By having the app installed on a mobile device, the fan will
have real-time data about their favorite team’s games as well as access to special game highlights and
memorable moments before and after each game. These new ways of connecting die-hard fans with
their teams have proven to be remarkable and it is only a matter of time until all 30 NHL teams have a
dedicated app of their own.

2. Socios

The best all-in-one sports app for influencing a team, taking part in polls, and buying fan tokens is the
Socios app. When fans install this app on their phones, they immediately get the chance to buy Socios
fan tokens
that grant them the ability to participate in polls and vote on important team topics. The
topic could be choosing a jersey design, the type of in-stadium entertainment, or even choosing the next
fan event. These fan tokens also allow them to take part in quizzes and answer questions about the
season or history of their favorite team. Every time they participate in such activities, they gain reward
points and even more VIP surprises. A person only needs to own 1 fan token to join these activities, but
the more they own, the bigger influence they’ll have.

3. NBA Top Shot

For hardcore basketball enthusiasts, the NBA Top Shot is the best app currently available. Through this
app, fans can collect and trade video NFTs of their favorite player’s most amazing shots. It’s like how
trading cards worked years ago, but now it’s with NBA highlights on digital assets based on video clips.
Legends like Michael Jordan or LeBron James are among the most popular NFTs. In fact, an epic LeBron
James dunking moment set the NBA Top Shot record at $208,000 in February 2021. This is clear
evidence that this new type of digital trading is not just for entertainment purposes but is also proving
to be a lucrative investment as well.

4. ATP Tour

With over one billion tennis fans around the world, the ATP Tour & Hologic WTA Tour mobile app is the
perfect way to engage fans with their favorite tennis starts. With so many players and tournaments
occurring simultaneously around the world, it’s hard to keep up and always be updated. The app solves
this as it provides official live scores, rankings, stats, schedules, news, and exclusive content on every
tournament and player there is. Fans can get direct access to all this important information, from
anywhere in the world, simply by having this app, thus staying connected to all your favorite tennis

Sports apps today are not only about fitness anymore as most allow fans to follow and support their
favorite team. Some best sports fan apps have even given fans a voice and certain privileges, such as those with fan
tokens. We can imagine that this is only the beginning, and more development will come that will truly
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