Extensify: an iOS tweak store for iPhones without Jailbreak

Extensify: an iOS tweak store for iPhones without Jailbreak

There are many interesting tweaks which make you think about jailbreaking your iPhone but thanks to Extensify now you will be able to get the same tweaks without jailbreak. Extensify mainly works like a tweak store which enables you to change the properties of apps. Therefore, unlike jailbreak tweaks which runs only on jailbroken iPhone, Extensify gives you the same things but without jailbreak.

Apple has already allowed sideloading iOS apps which enables iPhone users to run Extensify and the other tweaks. But unlike usual sideloading of iOS apps, the Extensify gives its users a complete package with some nice features. The app is set to launch for a limited roll-out this weekend. Here we have a video hands-on which will take you through the Extensify app.

The Extensify app allows you to download tweaks which are internally dubbed as Exos, in both free and paid versions. However the scope of Extensify Exos is limited as compared with jailbreak tweaks. The Extensify is unable to modify system level features also its tweaks work for selected features which is not an issue with Cydia tweaks.

The Extensify team has a good track being a long-time member of jailbreak community with degree of trustworthiness but still their newly created concept carry the common issues of jailbreak. As per the details, the apps are downloaded on iTunes but the download actually occurs on Extensify servers after which tweaks are applied on apps before their final appearance on the device.


Like the App Store the apps on the Extensify are cataloged by name, upload and update dates which help you locating your desired tweak. There are some popular tweaks like the Phantom which allows you to get additional features on Snapchat. Though the Extensify provides many alternatives options to the jailbreak but it is yet far from being a replacement for jailbreaking. You can try Extensify at their website here.

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